Branche Benefits
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Taking risks and running risks

Entrepreneurs ‘take’ risks with the aim of building a distinctive market position. They ‘run’ risks which impede or obstruct this. Therein lies our role and added value.


We turn your business process inside out
It should be the top priority of every advisor: knowing your business inside out. This, after all, is the foundation. The reality is often different. We map your business profile in detail and define your risk profile resulting from it. Then we look - based in part on your ‘risk perception’ - at how best to deal with your business risks. Insurance is the final resort here, not the starting point. After all, risks can be avoided, reduced, or borne by yourself. The basis for each advice is formed by a comprehensive risk analysis. Do you also want to understand the risks of your business? And what about your insurance package? We are happy to perform a risk assessment. The good thing about our solutions is that they effortlessly adapt to your company. The more complex your business, the greater our added value. And the greater your savings.

Consciously insured, consciously uninsured
It is not the most pleasant thing to ask yourself, but necessary nonetheless: would you claim that when a calamity occurs, you are properly insured? Do your insurances do exactly what you expect them to? Are you sure? Because you do what you do, you have your risk profile. Not that of another company. You can be over-insured or uninsured unconsciously. More than 50% of businesses find out too late that their insurance is all wrong. Your uniqueness deserves our attention. Our report may shock you, which is good - you should find out before it is too late.

There are nu standard solutions
Adequate insurance is customisation. An art that requires knowledge and skill. ‘Knowing a lot about a little.’ And being interested in you and your business. This results in a risk and insurance programme which is fully customised and of excellent quality.

Corporate risks: the personalised variant
Whatever our policies say is a part of your business. The dynamics of your company determines the frequency of our contact. We understand you and your business. We organise benefits and solutions for you and often achieve significant savings. Finally and permanently insured in the best way and for the best price. Why wait?