Branche Benefits
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Risk Explorer®

Branche Benefits, with support from ITS, has developed the unique risk analysis software called Risk Explorer®. This high-quality and highly innovative software ensures the generation of the most advanced and complete risk advice. This innovation has led to Branche Benefits being nominated for the prestigious Generali/AM-Innovation Award 2014.

Risk and insurance analysis

The best risk advice starts with an integrated risk and insurance analysis. Using our unique risk assessment tool Risk Explorer® , your business and risk profile will be fully mapped. Nothing is overlooked thanks to the tool, and the (usually invisible) linkages between business aspects are mapped. We focus on the following risk areas:

- Company assets;

- Business activities;

- Transport & Logistics;

- Employer risks, relating to staff;

We will present the findings in a clear and understandable risk assessment report. Research has shown that over 60% of Dutch businesses have never had a professional risk assessment carried out (TNS Nipo). Are you also interested in a risk and insurance analysis? Please contact us.